faq and prices

Why bbdimension?Click to expand/collapse

We have been designing websites a long time, and will commit to meeting your requirements, at bbdimension we have a very good eye for detail and quality. We create the sites ourselves so there is no outsourcing, there are no third parties to pay which means we can do your website for a cost effective price.

More and more individuals are going mobile, so why can't your site be mobile too? Well it can and bbdimension can make that happen! You will need to have a mobile-enhanced site though so users have an appropriate experience on their phones. Pricing options found below.

How long have you been around?Click to expand/collapse

bbdimension has been operational since 1996 and has been making websites since the first day I opened its doors. We have clients worldwide, from the smallest to the largest businesses, including Microsoft.

How long does my site take to make?Click to expand/collapse

This varies on a site-to-site basis. For a simple website it can take up to four working days if all data has been made readily available to me in advance. As an extra I can populate your site with the content that you provide to us.

What will I get for my money?Click to expand/collapse

You get a completed website which won't cost you thousands. It will have an up-to-date design whether it is an online store selling products, or a website content management system (cms), within which you can update content. If required you will be supplied with a userguide which details the step-by-step process of how to update the website yourself and without any technical expertise. bbdimension does provide the service of updating your website for you if you wish.

Please note you will only get a website. A website also requires something called web hosting, that is a space on the Internet where your website will be located. We can also provide a web-hosting service for an additional fee.

If you need it to be, we can make your website portable? This means that your website will be viewable on the iPhone and iPad (other models soon to follow) so potential clients can read your content or buy products from your store from their mobile devices.

How can I contact you?Click to expand/collapse

Please use the email address: office@bbdimension.com