Who we are

We are a fully fledged web and graphic design agency. With over 10 years of graphics and web experience. bbdimension am proficient in bringing you print and online quality-designs, including brochures, business cards, websites and more.

What we are really good at

Based in the heart of Malaga, Spain bbdimension create every design to pixel perfect quality using the latest web techniques.

bbdimension expect nothing less from ourselves than high standards. We also have a great sense of humour.

Website Standards

bbdimension make sure all of my websites abide by technical web standards and are cross-browser compatible to ensure your visitors can see what you want them to see.

Website Usability

We understand your users don't want to have to think what a specific page is about or what a certain feature does or even what your product does, by using straight forward English and positioning parts of the website where users expect them to be, we are able to deliver a brilliant user experience.

Contact us today to learn more about the web services we offer on
(UK): 01904 295 105, (ES): 951 242 127